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I'm an artist, engineer, craftsman, and photographer. My creative media include wood, metal, glass, and digital. My artwork has been displayed and sold in numerous craft galleries and art shows, and featured in Design Book 4 (Taunton Press) and SBS Digital Design magazine. My art and fashion photography have been incorporated into various websites and magazine articles. I've also done art direction and props & effects work for several History Channel documentaries.
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The visual art shown here was done with digital cameras and Photoshop, and with some of the geometric details developed in Solidworks. The fantastic imagery covers a range of excursions from reality.

The Tarot project is a work in process, with a goal of publishing the entire 81-card deck when it is complete. It's a nontraditional deck, reflecting a personal set of symbols. All of the cards are already worked out for meaning and imagery, and in time, all of the images and descriptions will be shown here.

The art in wood, metal and glass shown here is a small but representative sample of the commissions, gifts, gallery work and speculative work that I've done. If you have an idea for a design that you would like to discuss having made, please use the information on the Contact page.

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